Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Almost Done!

Today my class was cancelled because my teacher got sick. I hate to say it... but what a blessing! It was my only class today, so I have the whole day to do other things, like start on my research paper, study for tests, run some errands, and possibly even play tennis. Yes. That's right. I think it is officially tennis season! I have already played a few times outside, and I even got sunburned on Saturday! I could not be more excited for summer. Only 18 days left of school and then I'm done!

The other day, I was picking up someone's dishes off the floor, and I dropped my phone directly into their cup of water. It acted weird for a few days, randomly turning off and what not, but it still works! The past few days it has been completely back to normal. Amazing, I know. I tell you what, that phone is invincible. It's been completely submerged in water twice now, and dropped hundreds of times, but it's still going strong. Yet another blessing in my life.

I have been feeling giddy about summer for a few weeks now. I have big plans, and I am really excited to get started on them. I hesitate to share some of them though, because I have this weird thing where if I tell people my goals and what not, I lose motivation. I know that seems backwards, but it's just the way I work. So, I guess you'll all just have to be mostly surprised.

I will say that I am going on a cruise in June with my family for my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. Sadly, none of my siblings can go, but there will be cousins and aunts and uncles, so it should be a good time. We will be going to Cabo San Lucas. I cannot wait!

That will be me in three months

I don't have much else to write about. Life is just moving right along. The beginning of this semester was kind of horrible for me. I was sick of Rexburg. So sick of the people here and how everyone knows everything about you. And how I know everything about them. I just wanted to pick up and move to a big city where no one knows me (ok...we all know I probably couldn't handle that in reality, but that's how bad it was. And I think that maybe I could handle it...) 

Fortunately, things have been getting better lately. I am really enjoying school and friends. I like my apartment and my roommates. Me and my room roommate, Lulu, get a long really well. We are a lot alike. 

Together, we have made plans to start a band, and a bowling league of our own. She's fun. My ward is also great. I'm serving as the first counselor in Relief Society right now, and it has been so fun to get to know some of the girls in my ward. It's good to push myself to initiate friendships. I really enjoy it.  

Life really is good, and I am thankful for everything that I have. But, I have to admit... I am still a little bit sick of Rexburg. I am feeling a little bit wedged into a rut, and I really want to get out of it for a while. I have been wanting to escape to the wilderness for a while, just to get out and breath. I think this week I am going to go with some friends on a hike or something. I am also going to head down to Utah on the 24th. Yay!  

I am currently working on being nice to people, and not so blunt/realistic.
I should also work on using my camera every once in a while :)   

Until next time,
So long

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