Saturday, August 20, 2011

Okay Okay. I'll Update.

It's just that there's so much. It's overwhelming, and to be honest, I don't know where to start. I have three weeks of vacation to cover, and I'm thinking I'll just post one week at a time. I guess I'll just start writing and see where it goes. Good luck, whoever you are. Remember, there are no expectations to read all of this. Don't feel obligated.

First week: Cleveland, Oklahoma
Lets go back in time. About four weeks ago my parents, my sister Allison, and I packed up the car, hopped in it at 4:30 a.m, and drove to Cleveland, Oklahoma where we met up with my brother and sister and their families for the Little Hazard Reunion (just our immediate family.)

It was so fun to see Griffin, Ashland, and Zoey. They are the cutest little family, and Zoey is such a fun one year old (we celebrated her first birthday while we were there.) She is smiley and loud, and has no teeth at all. Haley and Bennett also drove up from Texas. I always have fun with these two. No matter what.

Before I go on I want to make sure that those who couldn't make it this year know they were missed. Logan, Rachel, Evelyn, Jack, Addy, and Matt. We wish you could've been there!

We were lucky enough to experience the "record breaking" heat that has been going on in the south, and let me tell you, it's pretty horrible. While we were in Cleveland, we read a sign that was posted in front of a Catholic church-- "In Hell, this is cold." They really got me with that. I definitely never want to go to Hell. That scare tactic really works.

Anyway, despite the heat, we had tons of fun times and made many good memories... most of which involved water :)

This is one of my very favorite pictures from our whole trip.
This picture is kind of an optical illusion. Do you see it? 
This is me and Haley watching in wonder as my dad did his infamous "one leg kick." No matter how old I get, that swimming technique will always be the most unique. AKA the weirdest thing ever.
After a while, the wonder wore off and we decided to play some basketball. Does he ever come up for air? :)
Bennett loved squirting my dad with the hose. I wish I had a better picture. He could be fully entertained all day long with this activity.
Happy first birthday to Zoey Jane! 
She is one fashionable little girl.

Yummy cake
 Me and Griffin before the birthday festivities
 Four of the originals. Logan we missed you!
I really miss Griffin.
 On one of the days we were there, we went to the Tulsa Aquarium. It was lots of fun.
Looking at the stingrays.
Grandpa and Zoey.
 Griffin feeding his daughter to an alligator. You should've seen the looks people gave us. :)
Me and my main man, Bennett outside the aquarium.
Of course, there was lots of boating. 
This would be a picture of me wake boarding. That's right. 
The Boating Queen
 On one of the last days, most of us went shooting on the Seller's Ranch in Drummond Oklahoma. It was fun and a great success. Everyone hit the target at least a few times. If you've seen me shoot before, you know that that's a big deal :)
Here's Mom showing off her skills. At this point I was in the car getting something and all I could hear was lots of laughing and screaming... 
Here we are showing our bad side. 
On our last night in Oklahoma, we went to Joseph's to eat with Ashland's family. It was delicious and so much fun. After we ate everyone gathered outside and hung out for a bit.
Haley, allison, and Bennett walking back from a really pretty winery that was across the street from Joseph's.
Griffin and Ashland
Attitude! Work it Ash!
This is cute
Ashland, I love this picture of you and your dad. 
Grandpa and Bennett

My favorite part of this night was the ride home from Joseph's. I rode with Griffin and Ashland and we got into the music... if you know what I mean :) I still have not seen Ashland's full blown hip hop skills, but she showed me at least some of her moves. She's already got all the Hazard's beat.

Zoey was one tired baby, but we still got her to smile.
Girls day! We all got feather extensions in our hair just because we wanted to. I was stressing because I already have some, and didn't want to be a feather freak. So I put my feather in a place where it would only be seen every once in a while... in the three weeks that I've had it, I think it's been seen two times. Maybe I was a little too discrete. Everyone else's turned out really cute though :)

We also did a lot of other things. We went and saw Griffin's office in Tulsa, and I was very impressed. We also went golfing and played tennis, of course. Even though we spent most of our time out and about, we also spent a lot of time just sitting around the house and talking. In my opinion, these are some of the best memories.
Overall, it was a super fun week, and I was sad to see it end. I'm already excited for next year!

Until next time, 
So long

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  1. I loved it! Your video says it's private though. You need to change the type of youtube account you have to public. But don't worry, unless somebody looks specifically for video MVI_5832.AVI they'll never find you (I was worried about that when I started using youtube.)and just so you know, I never did hit that stinkin' target...

    Love you!