Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peter Pan

Welp, sometimes life is sad. Like when your bestbest friend takes off for college and leaves you behind. Great. Who needs college anyway?  

I hate to get all sentimental on you and everything-- but isn't that cute? We go way back. This was at my sixth birthday party. Becca in her grey sweatsuit and working boots, and me in my party dress and Reebok shoes. Nothing's changed :)

Now we are all grown up, and it's a little bit weird sometimes because we live in different states. Where has the time gone?? Sometimes I want to just go back for a day or two. We could dress up like Peter Pan and sneak around the neighborhood. Fight over the best way to draw a cat. Take a drive in the mini van and hope that no one notices the cat poop on the roof. Play night games and hide in old refrigerator boxes. Ride the bus to school and yell really loud when we go over big bumps. Vandalize our 9th grade locker. Make movies. Go on first dates. Play our first tennis matches. Get in our first car accident. Fall up the stairs on the first day of college. Drag main and do some basic street racing. 

All of it was so great. I could go on and on. But I've already gone way too far. Gotten way too sentimental. I'll stop. 

All I'm trying to say is that we've come a long way. And she's the best.

Anyways. Bye.


  1. I just talked to Chantell last night and realized that between my best friends there are 8 1/2 kids, five states, and three timezones. But whenever we are together it is just like we are all back in high school again. Nothing ever really changes with the best ones :)

  2. "Courtney and Becca" is like one word in our house, and it will always be like one word no matter how far apart they are. Thank goodness for face book etc. Love, Dad.