Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meet the Guitar

I feel funny posting a picture of myself on here. Like one of those high school girls that labels her album "*tHiS Is mE*," or something along those lines. Please, don't get the wrong impression. I didn't take it of myself, and I'm not doing kissy lips. That counts for something :) Okay, I'll get to the point. Tonight I discovered this picture on my sister's computer.
I have been teaching myself how to play the guitar now for about a year and a half. I begged my parents for my own guitar last Christmas, and I was so overjoyed (and surprised) when I walked up the stairs and saw one of the prettiest guitars I've ever seen sitting on the chair. I love this guitar, and since I got it, I have tried to teach myself some new things. My progress is very slow, but it is happening. Lately I have taught myself a couple of new songs that I really like. In this picture I am playing Holding Us Back by Katie Herzig. It's really simple, but I think it's pretty. I have had this song, along with Lost and Found  (another song by Katie Herzig) on replay for three days now. It's true that I obsess over songs that I like. Anyway, hopefully one day I will be an old time pro at the guitar. Once I've accomplished that, I'll work on the singing :)

Until next time, 
So long


  1. I love to hear you play your guitar, Court! You are really good, and I'm so impressed with how you can teach yourself such beautiful songs. I always love the songs you choose to learn. They are soft and slow and reflect your style. Keep it up!


  2. It makes me happy to hear you play the guitar. You are very good!