Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Love...

Whenever people ask me what my favorite season is, I automatically say summer. But then Autumn comes around, and I routinely change my mind. I love the crispness of the air, the smells, and the pretty colors. Autumn time has a feel all its own, and I love it. 

A while ago, my friend and I went to Mesa Falls to enjoy some of this Autumn weather. We had lots of fun, and the scenery was sooo pretty. Unfortunately, neither one of us had a camera... but we did have a cell phone :)
I Love Autumn. I love Mesa Falls.
It was a good day.

Until next time, 
So long

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  1. I love autumn too, for all the same reasons you listed. It's a great time of year. I think you got a few of my genes!!
    I love you,