Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nothing Better

Last April, Haley and Bennett stayed at our house for a few weeks. I loved having them here, and I missed them a lot when they left. The thing that I missed the most though, and still miss, is dancing with them.

Every morning, we would turn the music on full blast and dance like only Hazard's can. We came up with some crazy moves, and got some really good exercise :)

Yesterday, Haley posted a video on facebook, and as I watched it, I had little pains for those dancing days.

There is simply nothing better than dancing in the security of your own home with people you love.

Until next time,
So long


  1. Haha! Wow, a whole post about me! I feel totally popular right now. And as fun as our dance party was, nothing will ever take the place of our synchronized dance moves. :)

  2. Courtney - you are an exceptional dancer too. "Dancing with The Stars" have never seen one of our family dances. If they had, we'd all be part of a new "reality" show called "Dancing with the Hazards". You are all superstars!