Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog Nerd?

Bad news: I fear that I may be turning into a blog nerd. Already.

I have been telling myself all day to just "wait till Sunday" to blog. But it's just too much fun to put off. So, lucky you. Because now, due to my lack of self control, you get to read all about my eventful President's Day Weekend.

I had been looking forward to this weekend for weeks in advance, and let me tell you--it didn't disappoint. Mostly because I got to spend all three days with these wonderful people.

Meet my good friends all the way from Provo, Utah: Mikayla, Lizzy, Melinda, Becca, Travis, and Johnny.

I love them all. I'm so lucky to have a friend like Becca who can go off to BYU and make friends, not only for herself, but for me too. We all get along really well, and I feel like I have known them for a very long time, even though I have only met them twice. 

Anyway, the fun started when all seven of us piled into Becca's truck and headed up to Island Park. We were very lucky to get to spend Saturday at Ron and Carrie Mills' cabin. It was the perfect type of snowy overcast day for snow machining and four-wheeling, snow ball fights, building snowmen, Papa Murphy's Pizza, "What About Bob," and a cozy cabin.

Here's the evidence. Get ready for a lot of pictures all taken by Lizzy, who happens to be a pro photographer. 

Getting ready to load up

The drive up.
 (Warning: Don't try to play the Alphabet Game while on this road. You will be forever stuck on the letter J. You can only get so far with "Speed Limit" and "Adopt a Highway" signs.)

The Destination. (R & C Retreat) 

These machines were so fun. As long as you had a good pair of goggles on :) I have been snow machining before. But until this trip I have never gotten to go ride out on the lake. Of course it was all frozen over, which provides snow machiners with a HUGE flat blanket of snow to rome free on. At really high speeds. I have never gone so fast before. Pretty sure we pushed the machine to its limit and got up to 65 or 70... That's a first for me. Haha it wasn't the smoothest ride (poor Travis) but still lots of fun. I loved it!

Johnny throwing his snowball with terrific form. 

This is our snowman. I think we named him Humphrey. He was made in two minutes flat because the snow was so perfect. We gave him a mohawk, a soul patch, chest hair, a studded necklace, and an earring in his left ear. Because that's what cool kids do these days. He was definitely not your everyday kind of snowman. Obviously much, much better.

And as you can see my stylish, and oh-so-generous mother let me wear the infamous purple snow pants! I felt so lucky. Really. I was told they were "hot." The pants don't lie :)

Anyway, we all loved Humphrey the Snowman... obviously some more than others.

Saturday night we headed back to Rexburg (on some pretty slick roads) where we all changed and prepared ourselves for a competitive game of bowling at Fat Cats. Little did I know, my good friend Becca is currently taking a bowling class and is very serious about it (not really.) But she is seriously very good at it. I soon realized there was no point in trying to beat her... though I'm sure that if I had tried I could have crushed her :) But no, I didn't. Instead I just settled for my usual score of 75. I did improve the second time around though. A whole 13 points. I ended the night with an 88. 

Not bad. Not bad at all. 

For me.


I'm sure that ended up being a spare. 

Johnny's face when he realized the stiff competition he was up against. Becca whipped her bowling skills out of nowhere. Caught us all off-guard. 

We were all impressed by the prizes at Fat Cats. Such a party atmosphere.

You know you're in Idaho when you see scrawny boys wearing wife-beaters and huge belt buckles (when it's freezing cold outside) out for a night of some wholesome leisurely bowling... And you know you're a little bit creepy when you want to have a picture taken with them "secretly." Johnny. 
just kidding 
I thought it was cool.

The rest of our time spent together consisted of eating lots of good food, including some of the best pancakes I have ever tasted, talking, playing games, celbrating Becca's 20th Birthday, taking trips to Cold Stone, playing with becca's cute nephews, listening to Travis and Becca visit their awkward jr high days as they "serenaded" us with their saxaphone playing, giving/getting small tours of Rexburg, and lots and lots of ping pong. 

Happy 20th (on March 1st)

Cute Caleb. He says the funniest stuff. I love kids!

It sounded great :)

Bring it on!

All in all it was a great weekend. I hope I get to visit all my Provo friends soon. 

Just as a side note:

I feel like I should tell you all that every time I walk to school I risk my life. Today I slipped several times and somehow got caught standing next to a small tractor that blows an incredible amount of snow at anyone nearby. I happened to be that person today. Right in the line of fire. I laughed about it the first time, but after the guy repeatedly tried to run me over, it wasn't funny anymore. I'm sure I made somebody's day though. It must have been very entertaining to watch me try and dodge the giant tractor blowing snow directly in my face as I yelled, "Oh my gosh!"

Also don't jay walk. I did it today and watched in horror as the car behind the car that stopped for me spun out of control, stopping only inches behind the kind man that waved me on.

I tell you what--I never knew walking to school could be so scary.

So long.

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  1. You are rockin those purple pants!!!! I'm so happy I FINALLY found your blog!